Original Oil Painting
Beach Colors
5″ x 12″ | Price: $775

For 60 years, Bovano has been the world’s leader in hand-crafted enameled sculptures, and we are proud to be one of Bovano’s busiest galleries. Bovano is a 3-generation family business, and every sculpture is made in the USA.

Enamel is glass, fused to solid copper in a kiln’s intense heat. The glass is applied as a powder to create colored layers, and the heat can be applied over and over to achieve the desired color effects. Enamel means that the colors in the glass will remain vivid and lifelike indefinitely.

We carry Bovano’s full line of sculptures – Here are some of interest to lovers of the Chesapeake

Original Oil Painting
Summer Skies
5″ x 7″ | $500

Original Oil Painting
View from a River Road
10″ x 6″ | $850

Original Oil Painting
Passing Over
5″ x 7″ | $600

Original Oil Painting
Passing By
5″ x 7″ | $625